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Avid Survivalist Store

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw

$24.95 $20.95

Readyman Wilderness Survival Card

only $8.99

Franklin's Finest Emergency Survival Coffee - 60 Servings

only $12.71

Wealers 2 Person Emergency Survival Cold Weather Protection Thermal Re...

only $8.99

Military Survival Folding Shovel and Pick with Carrying Pouch for Camp...

$59.99 $18.99

Credit Card Knife (3 pack) from Survival Paradise. This Folding Surviv...

$39.99 $13.97

Adventurer Aluminum Survival Kit Box

$17.95 $16.95

135 Variety Heirloom Survival Seed Bank - Emergency Seed Vault

only $74.99

The Prepper's Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into N...

$16.95 $9.67

The Herbal Drugstore

$7.99 $7.38

US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76

$10.95 $9.94

Personal Get Home Bag - Black

only $29.95

At Avid Survivalist.com we believe in helping people become as prepared for a SHTF scenario. We accomplish this by gathering a massive collection of survival products from the internet. Whether you are an all in survivalist or a part time prepper, Avid survivalist.com will bring you the survival gear that means something to you, that will help you. If you are trying to find a product that we currently offer let us know so we can see if we can find one to offer.

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What Type of Survivalist Are You?

I've posed this question to several of the Members of my Facebook followers in the form of "What is the difference between a Survivalist and a Prepper?" The answer came back pretty clear what every believed was the major difference. This idea of what is the difference may vary greatly from person to person. however we narrowed it down to three types of Survivalists.

The Homesteader

The Off Grid Survivalist lives off the land in a "homesteading" sort of means. They expand as well as create as much of their very own food as feasible as well as obtain their power in non-traditional methods. To call somebody that is off-grid a survivalist could often be a misnomer since they do not consistently stock food and also seeds the means various other preppers do because they are currently living the life.

The Avid Prepper

The serious prepper resides in a so much more conventional way however, typically has a comprehensive Bug Out Location equipped with tons of gear. The avid prepper invests all of his/her disposable income and time on prepping and also equipment. As well as amassed the knowledge to use the items they are storing for when the time is right.The Serious Prepper may be an opposition in terms since they commonly consider prepping and even equipment screening as their leisure activity and also enjoyable time, so it's not truly work, yet at the very same time they take it all extremely seriously.

The Knowledgable Citizen

In my point of view this is possibly one of the most usual kind of survivalist around. The "Average Person" Survivalist resides in a normal house as well meanwhile his/her loved ones may not understand why they are a "survivalist" They invest a modest or little quantity of their cash on preparations and even equipment, focusing mainly on situations that are most likely to take place, such as local emergency situations and also extensive power failures. They will certainly usually have a Bug Out Bag prepared.

The Knowledgeable Citizen may also be ex-military and pursue a passion for survivalism from the knowledge they've gained from previous military training. Now, free to practice and expand their knowledge on their own they make it a habit to stay prepared as well as increase their knowledge even if all they're stored becomes unavailable when the SHTF.

Now matter what kind of survivalist you consider yourself to be, here on the Avid Survivalist website we're gathering together in one place the massive amount of products that can help you. We believe that knowing how to survival without pre stored survival gear is important but having survival Gear makes it much easier should it be needed.

-Avid Survivalist