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Survival Box Set: Survival Lessons That Will Get You Out Alive When Disaster Strikes (ultimate survival handbook, survival tips, survival preparedness)

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Product Description

BOOK #1: The SHTF Stockpile: Don't Waste Time! Go One Step Further and Be Ready to Respond: Emergency Preparedness and Protection Planning

This book will help beginning preppers to advanced preppers with tangible concepts and ideas for excellent preparation when SHTF. Increase your chances of survival with the idea of

the survival pyramid, a perfect foundation to rely on when the global situation begins to diminish. Stuffed with knowledge from cover to cover, you’ll keep referring back to this book


BOOK #2: The Ultimate Survival Manual: Essential Checklists and Concise Instructions That Will Get You Out Alive When Disaster Strikes

The Ultimate Survival Manual will put you in good stead when a disaster arrives. It is a succinct guide to preparation for the worst and how to prevail when the unforeseen and

unthinkable happens. Several scenarios are outlined. Plus, the book covers the nature of survival and the steps necessary to increase your odds of conquering the worst possible

conditions. With the right mindset, as outlined in the book, you can purchase the necessary equipment and supplies for that dreaded “rainy day”.

BOOK #3: Survival Gear: 53 Valuable Types of Bartering Gear You Must Have in Your Bug Out Bag to Save You From Potential Economic Collapse

This eBook contains some important guidelines and informative chunks for a Survival situation. There are different types of situations that require planning and stockpiling. In this

eBook, you will get to know to how to prepare for economic recession. It is not just a simple eBook, but it is based on the idea of developing a strategy for a situation when paper

currency won’t be worth anything. It an interesting book that will help you in getting prepared and surviving.

BOOK #4: Prepper's Cookbook: 25 Incredibly Useful Survival Food Recipes for Easy Meals Cooked With Your Emergency Food Supplies

This book will show you how to cook 25 simple, healthy and tasty dishes that you can prepare anywhere, at all times and moreover that can be eaten on the move in the event of

emergency if you have to evacuate, move into a shelter, or face a power outage or water supply problems in your own house.
Learn how to alleviate the consequences of a devastating disaster by cooking delicious food and thus providing comfort and boosting the spirits of your dear ones in times of trouble.

BOOK #5: Off Grid Living: Introduction to Alternative Off-Grid Lifestyle. 35 Steps to Build Your Own Backyard Homestead

This book contains amazing steps and strategies on how to choose and decorate your small house to make more attractive and cherry. There are 5 chapters in this book present as

‘Guide’ that clearly shows and guide you about it. You need to read all chapters to make out the secrets and to apply as well. You have to read all the chapter carefully for better

understanding of the book. This book based on “Off grid living” and also contains “35 amazing steps” for building you backyard homestead.

BOOK #6: Building Chicken Coops: Simple Lessons on Building Chicken Coops and Raising Backyard Chickens as a Great Way to Start Your Self Sufficient Living

In this guidebook, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about off the grid living as well as how to create a suitable environment for the chicken that you will be raising.

One that will also allow you to take care of them for the years to come.

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