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Outside Survival Gear

Outside Survival Gear isn't necessarily a luxury as much as a necessity. You can have the knowledge of how to survive in the wilderness indefinitely with nothing but a loin cloth and nature. However the name of the game in a survival situation is energy conservation. With the right survival gear and proper equipment, coupled with the survival skills to know how to use them effectively you can be wildly prepared for any SHTF scenario.

Avid Survivalist was created to compile a list of the best equipment available and make it available to those in pursuit of becoming a survivalist or honing in on your survival skills. By visiting out outside survival gear store you can rest assured you'll find something to fit your fancy. We have everything from Survival Chain Saws, to Survival Credit card axes. Please check out our list of outside survival gear below and good luck out there!

Outside Survival Gear is doesn't make the man. Knowledge creativity and out of the box thinking makes the man or woman in a survival situation. The use of survival gear makes them a better, stronger, more efficient man or woman.