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What is Junk Silver?

Junk Silver

In many years past, junk silver coins-- which include 90 % silver-- served as legal tender for everyday requirements like food as well as apparel. Many people may have junk silver in their pockets right now and may not even know it, even thought it is rare to come by.

These days, people collect junk silver for both financial investment and survival objectives. They stock pile Junk Silver for a SHTF scenario.

Junk silver does not have an consistent quantity of bullion (like 1-oz American Silver Eagles) They are still precious as they do contain the precious metal and it might be useful to trade during or after a catastrophic event.

Note: Just silver is a name that has been given based on it's silver content. This is variation from scrap silver.

Besides financial investment objectives, individuals purchase junk silver coins (like pre-1965 half-dollars, quarters and pennies) as a way of survival: in case of a total collapse of the U.S. buck.

Other reasons consist of:

Hedge Against Inflation-- A 90 % junk silver quarter was once valued at 25 cents in 1964. Today, it's worth over 20 times as much as it used to!

Bartering Tools-- One ounce silver and gold coins may be difficult to trade for daily items in an emergency. Junk silver is available in smaller sized amounts, which is so much better for daily trade or for re-establishing newfound wealth once order is restored.

Ninety-percent junk silver is available at precious metal traders and jewelers nation wide. They are Generally found in bags containing a particular stated value, or legal tender worth. A $5 face worth of pre-1965 quarters, as an example contains 20 quarters. Each $1 face value of quarters contains.715 ounces of silver.

Low Premiums-- The value of Junk Silver isn't based on the face value but rather strictly on silver material, junk silver by the nature of their size are easier to barter than bullion coins like the American Silver Eagle.